Freelance Developer

I did ~ 2 years of freelance and became People Per Hour’s #1 freelancer by revenue



Before the days of making software for a living I started out by freelancing. I built websites, checkout systems, apps, games, and scripts; serving a mixed audience of connections and users of, (which has since massively dropped in quality).

As of 2024 I am now doing consultancy again, but this time it’s higher level stuff only.
Freelance Developer
Status: Completed
Updated: March 20th 2011

When did you freelance?

I freelanced for almost two years around 2011. I had already a little network of people who appreciated my talents and gave me an early start. Soon I flipped these as case studies and joined (which was much higher quality/standard of work options back then).

It took me ~6 months of freelancing to work my way up in revenues until I reached Top Freelancer (in revenue) on the whole site. Back then that equated to £12,000 or so of invoices.

What sort of work did you do?

Now when I consult I focus on strategy, rapid development of apps/WordPress plugins, and I leverage another decade of learning to deliver on a much higher level.

Back then I was younger and fresher and would revel in the challenge of working on difficult/new tasks/technology. So the range of work I did varied quite a lot.

  • Web Apps
  • Database Architecture
  • Data manipulation via logic
  • Data acquisition work
  • Desktop apps (C#)
  • WordPress plugins, themes
  • I even made a few games (facebook and web app)


For your enjoyment, while I wince at the wordings, I’ll share some old case studies from that time:



How did you get on?

Generally I did quite well freelancing. They were busy but profitable times. I did have to file a court order for one client who fled the country! But other than that I did some good win-win work, which ultimately lead into EverClients, and many of what would become critical business relationships of my career so far, (Joint Ventures, Co-founding ZBS CRM, etc.)

I also wrote an article for Web Developer Magazine on freelance:

Woody Hayday Freelance article in Web Designer Magazine

Do you still freelance?

For up-to-date freelancing/consultancy, please see

Let’s make mad sh*t.

I’ve made a lot of things in my life, and I intend to make a lot more. My biggest goal is to make a good and happy life.

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