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Multi-exit founder, ex-Automattic Lead Engineer
StormGate Web Consultancy
Jetpack CRM Founder (Exit)
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$1.5m+ WordPress products sold
20+ Successful Products
Woody Hayday WordPress Consultancy

About Woody

I've made a good living operating on the intersection between code and business for most of my adult life. I've built software as a founder, through joint ventures, and for market leading companies as a lead engineer.

My focus has been on entrepreneurial rapid application development, often within the WordPress ecosystem. I approach projects from an impact perspective, and start from first principles.

Having built and sold 20+ of my own software products, I now help other founders achieve their growth goals, (either impact or revenues).

I do so through engineering as a service, advisory positions, and coaching.

  • $1.5m+ WordPress and Software products sold
  • 15+y building products as founder, lead engineer
  • 5+ Successful Joint Ventures
  • Exit to Automattic
  • 3y Tenure at Automattic
  • Specialites:

Entrepreneurship Engineering Ideation WordPress SaaS Rapid Application Development Martech


Growth Focused WordPress Plugins

Many software products can get a high ROI from a presence in the WordPress ecosystem. I take care of this for you alongside your existing business; delivering the highest of quality engineering, effectively distributed to support your growth goals.

  • Add channels to your funnel
  • Further satisfy your existing users
  • New revenue streams
  • SEO benefits

Starting from

$5,000 Read More Get in touch
Microsites as a Service

The most stand-out way I've found to use engineering to market is to create Microsites. This martech trick is a discrete way to reap SEO and funnel benefits which can capitalise on trends, or be very evergreen.

  • Full service, from ideation to delivery
  • Brand-aware, on-point design
  • Diversify your funnel
  • Low-input SEO value cropping

Starting from

$5,000 Get in touch
Joint Ventures (WordPress or Web Apps)

You've got an audience, and I am a specialist at rapidly building real-world usable tools. Together we can satisfy your audience and share the profit.

  • All-inclusive engineering
  • Veteran product builder
  • Can work well with Rapid Development turnarounds
  • Profit-share means no cost to you, only upside
Advisory support for Software or WordPress Start-ups

Entrepreneurship can be a rocky journey. I'm keen to support others bold enough to take that journey. I offer pragmatic support and advice, helping you weather the storms and build on your wins.

  • Equity Advisory
  • Mentorship
  • Coaching

How can I help?

Think there might be some win-win way we can help each other? I'd love to hear what you're working on and connect:

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