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$1.5m+ WordPress products sold
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About Woody

I've made a good living operating on the intersection between code and business for most of my adult life. I've built software as a founder, through joint ventures, and for market leading companies as a lead engineer.

My focus has been on entrepreneurial rapid application development, often within the WordPress ecosystem. I approach projects from an impact perspective, and start from first principles.

Having built and sold 20+ of my own software products, I now help other founders achieve their growth goals, (either impact or revenues).

I use my proven approach to create and launch a WordPress integration to your product to boost your marketing, SEO, and satisfy your customers.

  • $1.5m+ WordPress and Software products sold
  • 15+y building products as founder, lead engineer
  • 5+ Successful Joint Ventures
  • Exit to Automattic
  • 3y Tenure at Automattic
  • Specialites:

Entrepreneurship Engineering Ideation WordPress SaaS Rapid Application Development Martech

Growth Focused
WordPress Plugins

Get a WordPress plugin made for your product/service

Many software products can get a high ROI from a presence in the WordPress ecosystem. I take care of this for you alongside your existing business; delivering the highest of quality engineering, effectively distributed to support your growth goals.

Starting from

$5,000 Get a free proposal
Benefits to your Business

Not adding a discrete WordPress plugin to your asset stack is like leaving money on the table. The WordPress market contains a majority audience of online businesses, most of which are in a 'prepared to buy' state as they browse plugins.

Growth Customer Satisfaction Business Asset SEO

If your product or service deals with any online business service it makes sense to leverage the existing ecosystem to expand your funnel. Equally as valuable, there are often ways we can help your existing users by integrating elements of your product into WordPress.

  • Add to Your Funnel - WordPress directories benefit from a huge amount of traffic. Having a plugin adds another channel of discoverability
  • Discrete Engineering - Development can usually be done entirely by me, adding no engineering burden to you or your team
  • SEO - Listing on directories like allows you to put links in your listing page, but because it's freely available, it also makes it easier to build links
  • New Business Asset - A WordPress plugin is often an asset in of itself, and can even generate it's own income
  • Satisfy your users - If you're selling an online product it's quite likely a segment of your users are using WordPress already, we can extend the usability of your product
  • Web Credentials - Having a WordPress plugin shows that your product has open source credentials
Will this work for my product/business?

There are a massive number of WordPress users (43.1% of the web runs on WordPress in 2024 #). These users are constantly looking for tools to add to their website. Whether it's integrating with your service or simply providing additional functionality that fits with your offering, there's a signficant opportunity for many entrepreneurs here.

Releasing a WordPress plugin is great for:

  1. SaaS
  2. Selling to online businesses or individuals which have a website
  3. Agencies or Marketing companies
The Process

Having built 20+ WordPress plugins as products, some of which have produced over $1m in revenue, I have streamlined the process significantly.

I offer a complete service, developing a proposition for a plugin which would complement your existing product while capitalising on the market opportunities.

Proven process Best-in-class engineering Project-Managed Rapid Devlopment available

I then proceed to engineer the plugin and it's associated media to a best-in-class standard, matching your branding and product look and feel. I am familiar with the distribution options for WordPress plugins, and then I can launch this for you, or with you, as fits your business needs and capacities.

This service is an excellent 'bolt-on' way to extend your funnel without taking on any additional engineering or product management load.

  1. Getting to know you and your project call
  2. Ideation & Proposal
  3. Full-service Engineering (Rapid Development available)
  4. Launch (get listed on or other network sites)
  5. Either I handover to your engineers, or provide an ongoing maintenance contract

Starting from

$5,000 Get Started

Want to know more?

I'd love to hear what you're working on and suggest some options to help you find growth with WordPress:

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