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Author, developer, entrepreneur

Born in St. Albans, England. Woody Hayday grew up on the West coast of Wales, where he spent his time exploring the outdoors. At eight years old he gained his first access to a computer, a BBC Model B, which marked the beginning of his lifetime interest in technology.

He has since travelled to diverse parts of the world while working as a programmer-entrepreneur, writing software and creating businesses. In 2011 Hayday moved to Ghent, Belgium, where he fully committed himself to writing and began editing his drafts of a novel.

Currently residing back in St. Albans, Hayday is finalising his debut novel Canopy Harvest - a science-fiction thriller which explores the environmental and political trajectory of the information age, combining his love of nature and his background in technology.

Alongside his novel and software, Hayday’s other passion lies in the support and development of the permaculture movement; a system of agricultural and social design centred around simulating patterns observed in natural ecosystems. He is the founder of Plant a Book.com, and is in the process of creating a sustainable food-forest, where he intends to split his time between writing and raising trees.

Woody Hayday is an advisor to Epic Themes, and the founder of Alchemist Books. You can browse through his side-projects here.

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