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Software engineer, entrepreneur, & maker

Born in St. Albans, England. Woody Hayday grew up on the West coast of Wales, where he spent his time exploring the outdoors. At eight years old he gained his first access to a computer, a BBC Model B, which marked the beginning of his lifetime interest in technology.

He has since travelled to diverse parts of the world while building things as a engineer-entrepreneur, author, and maker.

Hayday makes relentlessly across disciplines. Recently working on art, apps, books, software companies (latest acquired by Automattic), furniture, fabrication, and food forests.

Currently residing in Pembrokeshire, Woody has found his balance mixing software entrpereneurship & consulting with making things IRL.

Alongside software and making, Hayday’s other passion lies in the permaculture movement; a system of agricultural and social design centred around simulating patterns observed in natural ecosystems. He balances the abstract nature of code and the rigidity of engineering, by raising trees in his second and third sustainable food-forests.

Woody Hayday is a maker at heart, and you can browse through his side-projects here.

StormGate Alchemist Books Plant a Book

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