Woody Hayday

Woody Hayday

Software engineer, entrepreneur, & maker

I make things. These days that's 50/50 software and crazy inventions.

Amongst other things, I have made businesses, art, apps, books, furniture, and food forests. Sometimes I consult.

I've built many things. I've let go of a lot of them.

Through my blog I attempt to reconcile these experiences - to hack together answers found in the lines of code, in the wood, metal, and soil; to connect the dots with the likes of Stoicism, Buddhism, Alchemy, and Permaculture to figure out a happy and good life.

I'm a permanent work-in-progress. I like the fact.

Join me as I explore the future through stories and software, seeking out productive mental models as I go, colouring in around the skeleton of my own genetics and tendency. Let us chase the ideal of the Universal human together, and see where it takes us...

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Plant trees by reading books.
Science fiction Novel
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