Weather Bot

A Raspberry Pi weather station - environment sensors, site surveillance & time-lapse


Built to watch over my fledgling food forest in West Wales, this Weather Bot was supposed to be a small side project. Combining my computer & software building skills with my new permaculture intent made a lot of sense; this was the beginning of me trying to live like a techno-peasant.

I built the weather bot on the side, in a month or two - a fully solar-powered, standalone tree-watching sentinel. I stood this up in the field in January 2016, and for the past two years it has watched over the trees.

While I learned a lot building this weather station, it wasn't a categoric success. I've got a chunk of sensor readings, and photographs, but sadly there was a glitch in the power supply, (or software), and so most of the data has been corrupted.

The biggest lesson here is that while we can build cool stuff on the side, we should sometimes double down on our central project.
Weather Bot
Status: Completed
Updated: January 8th 2024

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