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WordPress freelance leading to an Exit



When a freelance customer asked me to build them a ‘social-media like’ image viewer plugin for WordPress which promoted social interaction with a websites galleries I saw that it’d be very resell well to the WordPress market.

I offered to build it for less than cost on the terms that I could resell it 80/20. I did so and the plugin went on to produce significant revenue.
Social Gallery Plugin
Status: Completed
Updated: January 1st 2012

What was Social Gallery?

Social Gallery was a WordPress plugin which added social-media like image viewing, sharing, and commenting. It let you embed something like the Facebook lightbox into your WordPress site using existing gallery plugins, and then have users like, share, and comment on the images right in the site.

How did it get started?

Mike Stott, a then freelance-client of mine, (who would go on to found ZBS CRM with me), hired me to make Social Gallery. As I saw the resell value being high, I struck a deal with him where by I could resell the plugin which I built to the general public, sharing the revenue 80/20.

That deal paid off as we sold six figures worth of Social Gallery plugins in the following years.

  • Started out as a freelance job
  • Packaged and sold on Envato’s Code Canyon marketplace
  • Tweaked and improved based on feedback
  • Made a free version and listed it on (Freemium)
  • Made extensions to the core plugin

Eventually I sold the plugin on once it reached version 5.0.


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