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After building my office cupboard I decided I’d like to experiment next with making a sideboard to house consoles and to display a few books on top. Partly this was a process of building out my ideal office, but as I look back I see that there was probably more cathartic reasons to escape to the workshop. I just enjoy making things! Further, I needed the woodwork practice.

The sideboard turned out well, and I still use it today in my office.
Office Sideboard
Status: Completed
Updated: December 3rd 2021

Tagged: Welding

Office Sideboard Project: Image #10

Materials & Approach

I started by building a simple unit using 18mm plywood and cutting it with my new track saw. I painted it with Farrow and Ball matt paint. I drilled holes for cables in the back of the unit.

Office Sideboard Project: Image #1Office Sideboard Project: Image #2

Next I made 2 panel doors fronted with walnut strips coated in osmo hard wax.

Office Sideboard Project: Image #3Office Sideboard Project: Image #4Office Sideboard Project: Image #5

I wanted to make some feet out of steel. I designed a ‘castle’ pattern out of paper experimentally, unfolded that, cut it out from a steel sheet and then bent and welded the feet together. Finishing them off with a black spray paint.

Office Sideboard Project: Image #6Office Sideboard Project: Image #7Office Sideboard Project: Image #8

I used black hinges and screwed some extra walnut squares to the bottoms of the feet to stop the steel from marking the floor.

Office Sideboard Project: Image #9


Overall this went well, though again, I am still working on my precision in woodworking so I could have made the doors a little better fitting.

Office Sideboard Project: Image #10

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