A simple CRM plugin for WordPress.



Zero BS CRM is a free WordPress plugin which adds CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality into the WordPress admin user interface.

Built to satisfy the simple needs of a small family business, this has ended up being a pleasant joint venture with my friend Mike of Epic Themes.

ZBS CRM has one guiding principle: To cut the crap. The idea is to have a fully functioning, (but not feature-bloated), CRM, available to everyone, in a familiar place (WordPress).
Status: In Progress
Updated: January 18th 2017

Pain to solve:

All CRM solutions are were expensive & bloated, or barely functional. A family business needed an easy customer relationship manager, as did Epic Plugins.

Tools/Skills Used:

  • WordPress Development (PHP, JavaScript etc.)
  • Team Development (Git, Trello etc.)
  • Marketing / Web-presence / E-Commerce

Progress :

Our MVP is available on (here) for free, and is constantly being improved upon. We’ve sold extensions (these are optional, and add specific functionality that not everyone will want), which will, in time, fund future development in a beneficial loop.

  • Launched to almost zero audience, acquiring users regularly
  • Started selling extensions within a few weeks
  • Proper MVP launch in the works.

Zero BS CRM for WordPress: Homepage: