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  • Small Bet Models

    12 Different approaches to small bets As part of this years experimental entrepreneurship process I thought I’d explore a range of models rather than relying on my ‘known’ entrepreneurial mode (Freemium SaaS/WordPress plugin based business). Below I’ve collected together the different approaches I’m going to explore as small bets. These are well documented in the…

  • Small Bet Experiments

    2024 Biz lab For those who haven’t read my 2024 experiments post, this year I’m back behind the macbook and writing code / exploring new business opportunities. I took a sabbatical last year after selling my company, and now it’s time to add value again. The Plan This year started out quite fluid. I’m writing…

  • Burnout Nutrition

    I tried 30 different fatigue supplements while healing my CFS/ME – Here’s which ones worked for me

  • Coming back from health challenges to kick entrepreneurial arse, one step at a time

    The Warm-up

    Fuck perfectionism. Fuck expectations. Fuck caring what people think. My needs matter. I trust myself that I’ll make epic shit. I commit to getting started, compassionately. I commit to making things which help others, without hurting me. LFG.

  • A Year of Experiments

    Now that I’m back from my sabbatical, after burning out for the second time, I’m going to approach this whole ‘work’ thing radically differently than I have before. This year I’m going to embrace my experimentalist side. In this post I’ll keep a running log of my experiments (list below), which I hope will help…

  • Burnout: My story of chronic fatigue, neurodiversity, tech, and my shadow side

    … or how I came back from the brink. Dark times born from youthful best intentions, blind spots, and misuse. I’m on my way out of this chronic state, but it has been a massive growth journey. Join me as I collect my spiralling journal threads and piece together a way forward, sharing with you…