Introducing Alchemist Books

Life wouldn’t be complex and stressful enough if I didn’t also start my own publisher this month! On March 30th 2017 I launch my first science-fiction novel, Canopy Harvest, and to launch in true in-house style, I’ve created Alchemist Books.

There are many options available to the modern author, from harassing old publishing houses to self-publishing through the web. As I researched the how’s of self-publishing, (which suits me best), I realised that unfortunately the path is littered with (poorly laid out) stories of misery. Moans from the abyss. The good news is, however, that there are also success stories, and self-published books that are as beautifully produced as those of the big houses.

Alchemist Books is to be my publisher, with the sole aim of producing very high quality print books through self-publishing means.

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