Stone, Mineral, or Stardust (Children’s Book)

Children’s book I made for my niece



Stone, Mineral, or Stardust? was a children’s book I wrote, illustrated, and published on a month-long sabbatical trip to Denmark in 2021.

The main star of the book: a woodlouse
Stone, Mineral, or Stardust (Children's Book)
Status: Completed
Updated: October 4th 2017

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For my niece

One autumn I took a sabbatical month off from building software businesses and stayed in a lovely cabin near Aarhus in Denmark. I fondly look back at that restful month of beaching, walking, eating, reading and painting. I gave myself a relaxed project for the trip: to make a book for my niece.

I decided to make the book a mix of photographs of natural scenes, watercolour illustrations and text. Following along with the journey, I freestyled quite a bit, focusing on the small world of the woodlouse and letting the story write itself. The world of tiny things can be hugely interesting to children, I’ve found.

Having self published my novel, I took the skills I learned there and self published this on Amazon, you can still see it up here.

But the point was never to sell copies, I only put it through the Amazon system so I could buy a few copies for my family.

The cover:

Book Cover

Here’s the first two-page spread, I stuck with this pattern of {photo} then {illustration & text} throughout.

Example page 1 - Photograph of a stone Example page 2 - Illustration of a stone



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Stone, Mineral, or Stardust? A children's book by Woody Hayday

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