Saddle Stool Prototype

Quick exploration into a saddle stool for a standing desk



I made this prototype to test the feasibility of working from a saddle part of the time when at my standing desk.

Built from CNC’d 18mm plywood it’s plenty sturdy, and my quickly designed pattern worked well. I’d tweak it a little if I remade it, but for now I’m using it occasionally to work from, (habits are harder to build than objects sometimes!)
Saddle Stool Prototype
Status: Archived
Updated: February 9th 2024

Saddle Stool Prototype

I whipped up the CAD file for this stool quickly in illustrator. I had some CNC time and I wanted to get a prototype out quickly and test a saddle on it.

The CNC’ing went well, though I missed the setting to square off some edges which left several rounded tabs which was a shame.

Saddle Stool Prototype Project: Image #1

I put the stool together at first with just wood glue. The tabs and pockets needed minor adjusting because of my CNC settings, but it came together quickly.

Saddle Stool Prototype Project: Image #2Saddle Stool Prototype Project: Image #3


For a rough-and-ready prototype, it came out okay. It’s certainly rough around the edges but it’s very sturdy, (probably over-engineered). I was happy with the style and general pattern, adding the various curves and cutouts made it look less like a gymnastics horse.

I’d like to remake this one day with a much finer final piece, but for now I’ll keep testing it, (I need to get a Western style saddle).

Saddle Stool Prototype Project: Image #4

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