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A WordPress Plugin to Display Projects in a Portfolio


In this era of creativity, more and more of us are standing chest-deep in scattered "projects". We burn through them as creatives, and many of them sleep as digital remnants on our C drive. But sometimes there's value in the old stuff.

I've written this plugin to quickly and easily share things I've created. There are, at time of writing this, a handful of other ways to achieve this "portfolio", but trying them, none felt right. All were too complex or badly coded.

This page is a Project Page: a no-nonsense portfolio page. You can see all my Project Pages here, and if you want to have your own Project Pages Portfolio, you can get the WordPress plugin for free here.

My hope for Project Pages is to build a better habit of wrapping up projects, to learn from the burned-out flops and the successes, and to share them all for posterity.

I share everything here, in the spirit of opening the kimono.

Woody Hayday
Jan 2017

Project Pages on
Project Pages
Status: In Progress
Updated: December 11th 2017

Pain to Solve:

Easily store & share project “post-mortems”. To build a coherent platform for connecting the dots backwards.

Tools/Skills Used:

  • WordPress – Built to run seamlessly on the worlds most popular web platform
  • Semantic UI – Keep it pretty 😉
  • KISS – Keep it Super Simple (no fluff in this plugin!)
  • RAD – (Rapid Application Development) – hacked this out fast
  • Home-grown WordPress Plugin Boilerplate
  • PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SaSS

How it went:

An easy plugin to write for me, this is a good example of pushing the boulder down the hill. I used my WordPress plugin boilerplate and Semantic UI to get things established quickly. The first fix which will go live on took me something like one days development, (balancing RAD and usability).


Sharing Project Pages for free on was key to actually finishing this project. I’d had the idea for years. Every time I’d tried to set something up with other peoples plugins/themes, it’d always hit a roadblock. “Oh, they can’t add that?”, “No Pretty URLS?”, “Really? No way to tag properly?”.

I read a Kevin Kelly quote which said, (roughly, I’m probably butchering it), “If you can’t throw away or give away an idea, you might be best to create the thing yourself.” – This is another one of those ideas. I’d just not found a good solution elsewhere. (Note: Maybe this is me rationalising my ego-ownership of building my own variant…)

By sharing Project Pages, people will get some use out of the dev time. I’ll get to see more peoples work.

And lastly, with Project Pages I hope that I can finally bed down my big old projects, with less ego-attachment issues than binning them directly.


Get Project Pages for your WordPress

You can get the WordPress plugin for free, by searching it up in the Plugins area of your WordPress install, or by downloading it from

Project Pages Porfolio Plugin (on

(P.S. For all you web-people, it’s got plenty of cool benefits like pretty permalinks, cover images, etc. – check out the page for a full run-down.)


Project Pages Front-end Archive:

Project Page Front-end:

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Project Pages Editing:

Managing Your Project Pages:


Project Log

December 11th, 2017
v1.2.1 Hotfix
Quick update to fix a bug & expose a UI option (coloured header or img header!)

= 1.2.1 - 11/12/2018 =
* Fixed: Bug where empty logs would save
* Improved: Hacked in a quick UI for header image style
December 11th, 2017
v1.2 Released
Released an update for Project Pages that I'd been sitting on a few months (not had a moment to upload it). Adds project logs (like this one) and some style improvements.

= 1.2 - 11/12/2017 =
* Added: Project Logs (can now keep time-based logs per project)
* Added: Thin Column option
* Added: Coloured headers
* Fixed: Last Updated date now correct
* Fixed: Scaled automatic embeds to fit column
* Fixed: Header menu border glitch
* Improved: Styles for lists in content
* Improved: Project Page Edit Screen
* Improved: Fixed "project updated" messages (from "Post Updated")