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When I won my place at the Catan World Championships in Berlin 2014 I decided I’d play around with getting my game better. I’ve always enjoyed Catan and played thousands of hours of it with my friends, (I even made a custom Catan board for my friend Jamie).

To help me get reps in I built this tiny web app which helps train you on Catan settlement placement and board resource distribution. It was a fun little distraction which surely helped me add a few percentage points to my game skill.
Catan Trainer App
Status: Completed
Updated: July 4th 2014

Training your Catan Skills

I built this simple web app when I was training for the Catan World Championship in Berlin in 2014. It’s a very simple web app which helps you train placements of initial settlements based on the odds. It also features a Catan board analyser and board generator.

Homepage of Catan Trainer:

Catan Board Generator:

Catan Board Analyser:

Catan Placement Trainer app, choose how much practice you want:

… then round after round test yourself for choosing the statistically best position (note this ignores tile type, but helps you get perfect in your number distribution awareness). Rock heavy bias should probably be applied to your decisions as a later layer, (see board analyser above e.g.)

You then accumulate win/lose points:

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