Project Pages

A WordPress Plugin to Display Projects in a Portfolio



Project Pages is a WordPress plugin which helps you log and present things you’ve made through your WordPress website.

It’s sort of like a portfolio maker, but more opinionated.
  • Document the journey
  • Give context to your work
  • Connect with people
Project Pages
Status: In Progress
Updated: June 17th 2024

I built Project Pages to scratch an itch. I am a prolific maker, I find peace in the moment when I’m preoccupied making something. It’s been that way as long as I remember.

What is Project Pages?

Project Pages is a WordPress plugin which helps you record and showcase the things you’ve made.

It’s designed to help you consistently share your work. It’s designed to make what you make accessible to a bigger audience. As I’ve built it out and updated it, I’ve also realised it may have a bigger purpose under the surface: to help you connect the dots backwards.

  • Easily record what you’ve made in an efficient manner
  • Share your Project Pages with others
  • See your creator journey as a whole, learn about yourself by doing so
  • Sits in your WordPress, making it easy to merge into, or become, your ‘presence’

Another WordPress plugin?

Yes, I know, I’ve built quite a few. This one is close to my heart though, as it’s letting me share this creator journey with you right now. WordPress is the ideal medium to make this for, because it still powers 40 something % of the internet, so in some ways it remains the ‘standard’. There are a bunch of ways you could make a ‘portfolio’ of projects, or showcase what you’ve made. For me it makes great sense to do it right in WordPress, right next to where I blog.

By making the plugin free on, I hope to help others share what they’ve made 🙂

When did you make it? What’s happening with it now?

I originally made this plugin 7 years ago. Back before I built ZBSCRM and sold it. It was only used by a handful of people (including myself) for a lot of those years, and it was sincerely in need of an update.

In May & June of 2024 I rewrote the plugin, building it up using modern WP Blocks and rolling in all the things I’ve learned from making 20+ plugins. v2.0 is a kind of MVP, and will continue to grow. I’ve moved the presence to and I intend to push forward improving it this year. I may roll out a paid version as part of my year of experiments, if there’s a genuine market/use case for it. I will always retain the free version.

You can see more at, what’s baking on the Coming Soon page, and you can download it for free here.



Let’s make mad sh*t.

I’ve made a lot of things in my life, and I intend to make a lot more. My biggest goal is to make a good and happy life.

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    Project Log

    June 19th 2024
    Updated this blog to v2.0

    Today I’m updating to use the pre-launch version of v2.0 🙂 It’s great to test your own software for real. Happy to say, apart from a few little style tweaks, it’s working well! Going to go ahead and add all my projects from the last few years next as a cathartic test!

    December 11th 2017
    v1.2.1 Hotfix
    Quick update to fix a bug & expose a UI option (coloured header or img header!)

    = 1.2.1 – 11/12/2018 =
    * Fixed: Bug where empty logs would save
    * Improved: Hacked in a quick UI for header image style
    December 11th 2017
    v1.2 Released
    Released an update for Project Pages that I’d been sitting on a few months (not had a moment to upload it). Adds project logs (like this one) and some style improvements.

    = 1.2 – 11/12/2017 =
    * Added: Project Logs (can now keep time-based logs per project)
    * Added: Thin Column option
    * Added: Coloured headers
    * Fixed: Last Updated date now correct
    * Fixed: Scaled automatic embeds to fit column
    * Fixed: Header menu border glitch
    * Improved: Styles for lists in content
    * Improved: Project Page Edit Screen
    * Improved: Fixed “project updated” messages (from “Post Updated”)
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