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  • Burnout Nutrition

    Burnout Nutrition

    I tried 30 different fatigue supplements while healing my CFS/ME – Here’s which ones worked for me

  • The Warm-up

    The Warm-up

    Fuck perfectionism. Fuck expectations. Fuck caring what people think. My needs matter. I trust myself that I’ll make epic shit. I commit to getting started, compassionately. I commit to making things which help others, without hurting me. LFG.

  • Back from sabbatical

    Back from sabbatical

    As of today I’m back from my sabbatical. It’s been almost 7 years since I’ve written here, and I’ve really missed it. I think having 2 quite major burnout events and other life challenges made me quite internalised; and naturally that put my writing firmly into my daily journal, and out of the WordPress editor.…