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This visualisation shows how many hours I spent each day over a six month period in 2014, distributed against the day of the week. As you can see my time at the computer constantly ran off into the weekend during these six months, with Saturday and Sunday not as 'free' as I had thought. There also appears to be a slight slant as I work through the week, where Monday and Tuesday seem to hold far more hours than Thursdays and Fridays overall.

The data making up this graph covers a busy and varied six months. I would expect that your data might well show a more regular pattern, depending on what you do for a living and what you're recording with your time tracker.

Try It: Feel free to test this out and share your findings. Do you do more hours at the start of the week? Rest properly at weekends? If you're using Toggl it's as simple as entering your API Key above, otherwise you might need to check manually with your time tracker app. Don't forget to Tweet your findings.

Tracking your Time & Visualising the Data: Useful Links

* Finding Your Toggl API Token

  1. Log in to Toggl.com and go to your profile page
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to find your "API Token"

* Finding Your Toggl Workspace ID

At the time of publishing this example Toggl does not expose Workspace ID's in its GUI, the quickest way I've found to find your Workspace ID without using the API is as follows:

  1. Log in to Toggl.com and click "Team" from the top navigation
  2. Your workspace ID will then be the integer at the end of the page URL in your browser address bar. e.g. 29333 from "https://www.toggl.com/app/team/29333"