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This month I’m working on the launch of my first science-fiction novel Canopy Harvest, and to celebrate the release, I’m going to plant a tree for every copy pre-ordered. As this is my first book I’m not expecting flurries of pre-orders, but no matter what it takes I’m planning on planting a fruit, nut, or service tree for each, with my own two hands. You can read all about why I chose planting trees as the bonus here.

To begin with these trees will be planted at several sites in Wales where they will be secure for decades to come. But this is just the beginning.

Along with launching my book, I’ve decided to start up a new collective – an initiative for authors wherein they can commit a proportion of their book revenues to the planting of useful trees.

Enter: Plant a Book

Plant a Book is a simple initiative: An author-led movement, where authors themselves plant trees. By pledging to contribute a percentage of their book revenues, authors super-charge the sustainability cycle. Trees get planted, books get imagined. Trees get harvested, books get made, and sold. Authors plant more trees. The intention is to unite the story-makers of our time to sustain literature while bettering the planet in a practical way.

Visit Plant a Book

Here’s the Plant a Book badge:

Plant a Book Badge

It’s early days for this initiative, but one thing is for certain – every book I release will be launched under this banner.

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